Monthly Archives: September 2010

rough play


So far the school year is going great – except for a few behavioral issues.  The main issue I’m trying to deal with (unsuccessfully so far) is that my boys (about 6 of them) and a couple of my girls really like to play rough!  And by this I mean:  pushing, pulling, punching, hitting, kicking, wrestling, pretend swords, guns, lasers, knives, bombs, “webs” etc.  I’m at my wits end.  No matter what I do – they insist on playing this way, and ultimately, one or more of them gets hurt!  I’ve talked to them, and their parents, tried time-outs, tried not letting them play together, tried coming up with new ideas for games they could play and more – but it keeps up.

I’ve never had a class where the majority of children play this way.  Usually it’s just a few and once they see the other kids don’t want to play like that they stop on their own.  This years class is a different breed!  So, I need some ideas and suggestions from all of you!  What do you do about rough play?  Do you allow it?  And if so, what are you’re rules?  How do you address this issue?  Any ideas and suggestions are more then welcomed!  🙂