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bright spots


Oh, what a day!  I can honestly say I’m glad it’s over!  This morning was quite hectic and we got way behind schedule!  I was still optimistic about the children making their own books…but in the end it didn’t work out.  Ms. Bennet and I had to clean up three different children after three different accidents!  We had a little girl just stand in the middle of the room and wet her pants.  She didn’t even ask to go potty.  It doesn’t help that our entire room is carpeted.  So one of us had to clean her and the other had to clean the floor.  We also had two children get sick and vomit today.  Once again, one of us cleaned the floor while the other cleaned the children.

I did observe some bright spots amidst the chaos today.  We had Lego’s out and all the children playing with them started making Lego cell phones – with antennas.  They started “calling” each other and having long conversations about where they were going and what they were going to do.  Then all of a sudden one little boy started yelling into his phone, “I can hear your speaker phone all the way over here!  You need to turn that thing down!”  I almost started laughing!  He repeated it two time until she responded to him, “I can’t turn it down or I won’t be able to hear you!”  He looked very annoyed by her answer.  Then another girl said, “Mine won’t turn off – this button won’t work!”  She was “pushing” a button on her phone over and over again.  It was too cute – I love seeing them use their imaginations!

Later on the playground I was very proud of my girls when I observed two of them playing with a car.  They were sitting each other pushing the car back and forth between them.  Then another girl from our class came up and said, “Can I please play too?”  The response she got was, “You have to ask Kitten, she had the car first.”  So she asked Kitten and got a quick nod, and the three of them started playing.  A few minutes after that two more girls from our class came up to the group and one of them said, “Please can we play with you guys?”  And they soon joined the group.  A little while later 3 more girls from our class came up and sat down to watch the game.  Then one of them said, “Kitten, can we please play your game?”  After Kitten said yes, all the girls joined the circle and there they sat pushing the car around from girl to girl.  I was very proud that they had all used their manners and could take turns and share so nicely!  I was also secretly happy that the other teachers on the playground saw this too – it’s not impossible to teach young children manners – it just takes patience and persistence!

hectic week ends


It’s finally Friday!  Whew!  I thought it would never come!  Haha!  It just felt like a really long week.  On Monday and Tuesday we had vision screening so kids were constantly getting pulled from class to have their eyes tested.  The constant interruptions were very annoying – but we managed.  The children were excited to get tested because after their turn they all got a sticker!  I wish it were that easy to please everyone.

Wednesday we had two injuries – both bled a lot!   One of our girls somehow found a staple and managed to get it stuck in her thumb – then she yanked it out!  Ouch!  We had to change her shirt because the sleeve (the part by the wrist) was covered in blood!  But once Ms. Bennet got the cut clean (it was a very small cut too – not much bigger then your average paper cut) all was fine.  Then in the afternoon we were outside playing with balls when a boy fell and hit his head on the fence!  Mom got there right after it happened – but that one bled a ton and he ended up with 5 stitches!  Poor thing!

Thursday a little girls mother in my class called in and said she wouldn’t be there because she had lice.  Yikes!  Not what we need right now.  So we spent the day cleaning and trying to check the other children.  No more cases have been found this far – thank God!  I still have to finish washing our playhouse items (which I had to bring home in a tied garbage bag) and then everything is done.  Lets hope no more cases pop up this weekend.

Today I had visiters from another class because thier teacher took the day off.  They were good – no big deal.  Obviously I had to keep reminding them of my rules and how we do things in my class – which took time – but it was really no big deal.  They all seemed to have a good time!

Throughout all of this stuff going on I was trying to get progress reports done – and I failed!  So I’m disappointed in myself – and I will have to work harder to get them all finished by the end of next week.  Let’s hope all the children show up and no surprises happen so I can get through them.  I don’t think I’m even half way at this point!  But, right now, I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the start of my weekend!  🙂