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  1. Is there a way to subscribe to your blog? I’ve looked on the main page but could not find a place to enter information.

  2. Hi! Complete stranger here, who just read a blog of yours written almost a year ago 🙂 (“Unbelievable” Jan 15, 2011). I found it via Pinterest.

    I was interested in your opinion because, I’ve never really thought much about it before and I’d love to hear more if you’re willing, and not too busy, to indulge me Re: Worksheets in PreK

    I’m a first time mom, my son is 4 and just started PreK through LA Unified this past Sept. From the 1st week, they have sent home worksheets for homework virtually every day.

    Now, I realize your blog was specifically about 2 year olds, and I completely agree! Having them at that age do worksheets is pretty ridiculous! But you don’t even recommend it for 4 year olds.

    Here’s a little about me and my activities with my son. I started reading to him very young. And he is now reading pretty well by himself. Not just “sight words”, he will read a simple book with little guidance. We take trips to the Library. We play games, build and create things and I try to take the time to explore things with him ie collecting leaves, watching sand through a funnel etc.

    That being said, this is why I personally LIKE the worksheets he’s sent home with: fine motor skill practice with coloring, drawing lines, practicing letters/numbers. Also, I like the idea he has to follow the directions that I read to him. And just the ability to sit and focus on a page for 5-10 minutes.

    But you obviously feel very strongly that it is a passive way of learning. Can I ask what you prefer to do instead?

    Just curious, really! I love to watch my son learn and am trying to take an active role in his education.

    Diane Taylor
    North Hollywood

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