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You Know You’re A Teacher When…


This year for Valentine’s Day I got a cute gift from a student of mine  –  I got a chocolate apple!  I thought this was the cutest thing I had ever seen.  A whole new way to bring your teacher an apple!  Above is the picture of what I received!  I can’t wait to get to the middle to the juicy green worm waiting for me!  LOL

I am happy to say that this is the ONLY chocolate I got this year!  Usually my students bring me lots of chocolate – but not this year and I’m thankful because I still have goodies left over from Christmas!  I did, however, get some beautiful deep purple tulips from a girl in my class – I LOVE them and it makes me smile to look at them and know they thought of me.

Sometimes it’s hard being single on Valentines day, but being a teacher helps a great deal.  Knowing that everyday I have an entire group of people telling me they love me and giving me hugs!  And right now, that’s all I need to make me happy!  I love you too guys…

*Picture found on the Blair Candy Website*

Valentine Party Success!


So today we had our party – and everyone had a blast!  Of course I ran out of time and we didn’t get to do all the activities I planned – but there is always next week – what matters is that everyone had fun today!  We started the day with our usual journals, morning message, and circle time.  No matter what – we do these everyday.  But then the fun started!

We had a valentine themed snack.  Each child made some red strawberry jam heart toast – using a cookie cutter to cut the heart.  Then, I had cut cucumbers into hearts with a cookie cutter and each child got to take some of those.  Next, we had purple grapes to go with our Valentine theme and red cherry juice.  As a treat, they each got a valentines cookie to eat as well.  They get super excited about being able to eat in the classroom on party days – and not at tables – they lay their napkins out on the carpet like mini table clothes them put their plate on top and eat sitting on the carpet!  We still only drink our juice at a table though.

Next was what the children had been waiting for – time to hand out our valentines!  Everyone got their containers and Ms. Bennet and I went first – then two children at a time went around the circle and handed out their Valentines util everyone had gone.  This year I had 3 parents who brought in goodie bags for each child – boy were they excited when they saw that!  So after everything was handed out – we let them look at everything they had gotten – they were all so happy!  Smiles for everyone!  This part took a long time – which was no surprise to me and I didn’t really care – they were having fun!

After all of this the only thing we had time for was to sort and count some conversations hearts – which they had a good time doing.  Anytime they can do an activity with food – they love it!  We were all so tired when it was over we barely gor through lunch – but everyone was happy and it was a great success!  And they all slept for nap today!  As a matter of fact, I got off early at 3:30 pm and when I got home I passed out in bed for an hour!  🙂 And when even the teacher is exhausted – you know it was a success!  Fun times…

*Picture found through Google Images*

Be My Valentine!


Today we finished making our Valentine cards for our parents.  They turned out sooo cute!  The children always get so excited when they get to make something for their mom and dad!

Today I finished prepping the activities for our party.  The children had a hundred questions about what I was doing – but I told them it was a surprise and they had to wait to find out!  This of course added to the excitement!

All their valentine containers also came back to school today.  I send a note home each year and ask the parents to help their child decorate a container to hold their valentines and goodie bags.  This year, everyone brought one in!  They all look sooo nice and really helped to brighten up the room!  Seeing everyone else’s container got all the children worked up and they kept asking when the party would start!

They can hardly wait!  And I’m super excited too!  Let the party begin!

*Picture found with Google Images*