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the dentist


A visitor came to our class this week – a dentist.  He gave a 15 minute presentation to the kids complete with pictures, demonstrations, props, and even gave a little goodie bag to each child.  The children were excited to learn that at this age they each have around 20 teeth!  Some tried to count theirs!  🙂  He showed pictures of various foods and asked the children if they thought the food was good or bad for teeth.  I was proud that they got them all correct!  He also had a set of false teeth and showed us how to properly brush and floss.  He brought in a giant tooth with holes in it and told the children about cavities and the importance of brushing.  He even had a set of teeth in clear acrylic to show the children how their permanent teeth are tucked up into their gums waiting for their baby teeth to move out-of-the-way – even I found that cool!  It was a really good presentation and the children came away very excited!