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There was a two year old at work today I was watching from across the playground – he seemed to have discovered his shadow for the first time today.  He was playing in the sunlight with a toy near a wall when he looked up and caught sight of his shadow.  I don’t think he knew what it was at first.  He noticed how it moved when he moved and stopped when he stopped.  He froze and stared at it for a moment – then moved very slowly looking intently at his shadow the entire time.  Then he froze and stared again.  Then he made a few sudden quick movements – it was almost like he wanted to catch his shadow off guard and move too fast for it to copy him!  So cute.  He kept doing this for a good 10 mins before he got bored and started walking away.

He walked down the wall and passed by a glass door.  I saw him glance quickly at the door as he walked by.  About 3 or 4 feet passed the door his expression changed to one of surprise and he turned around and went back to the door and stared.  At first I didn’t know why.  Then I saw him moving and looking intently again – that is when I realized:  he had discovered his reflection!  I almost laughed out loud!  He got a kick out of watching his reflection as he moved and made faces!  Once again this kept him occupied for a good 10 mins before he walked off to go play on the playground!

I love watching children make new discoveries…when their young, life’s one big adventure!