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So, I’ve been given some embroidery thread, large needles, (both plastic and metal with blunt tips), clear plastic canvas,  fabric (linen colored – not sure what kind though), and 4 plastic embroidery hoops (maybe 5 or 6 inches across).  Obviously, these things are used for sewing.  The person who gave them to me wanted me to “use them with the kids in my classroom”.

I was very excited (as I always am when I get free or very cheap things for my room)!  However, I’ve never sewed with 4 year olds.  So, I’m writng this to ask any of you if you have done sewing projects with your class and what did you do?  Or do you know of someone who has?  Any links or pictures would be appreciated!  Where should I start?  I’m kinda lost – I don’t sew (but have ALWAYS wanted to learn) so I’m excited about this and willing to take any advice!  Leave a comment or a link – thanks!  🙂