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I rarely watch videos in my classroom.  I figure parents don’t pay over $100 a week for me to sit their child in-front of the TV (some teachers I work with would disagree).  Another reason I don’t watch many videos is because I don’t actually have easy access to a television.  There are only two for our entire school, and we have to wheel them to our classes when we want to watch something and put it back afterward.  A lot of hassle if you ask me.  But on Friday, we did watch a video together.  We watched Leap Frog Letter Factory – a video I really love – and so do the children!  Not only are children introduced to their letters – but the letter sounds as well!

I usually watch this video about 4 times throughout the school year and I’ve found that it really does help the children learn their letters and letter sounds!  The only reason I even have this video is because a parent donated it to my class – but I’m glad they did!  After watching the movie my kids were singing their letters sounds the rest of the morning!  It was so great to see – and to know that what we had watched had gotten through!  Now when we sing the alphabet song, we will sing the letter sounds as well.

Now I’m sitting here wondering if any of you out there use TV in your classroom and how?  Do you have a favorite video you watch that helps teach your children a concept?  I’d be interested to know how others handle television in the classroom…