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when i grow up


I was out on the playground with some of our Kindergarteners one afternoon this week when one of the boys ran up to me and asked, “Ms. Eliot, when you’re done here and all grown up what do you want to be?”

I couldn’t help but smile, it was so darn cute!

“You mean, when I don’t work here anymore, what do I want to be doing?”

“Yeah.” he said.

“Well, one day I want to open my own school.”  I pointed towards the office.  “And so I guess I’d have the same job as Ms. Lezze-Faire.  But I still want to spend lots of time with kids like you!”

He smiled and hugged me.  “Okay, cool!”  Then ran off to play.

In these very busy days of the new year, it’s really the little moments that matter the most.  🙂