Daily Archives: January 18, 2010

random acts of reading


This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for about a week now.  One of the blogs I really enjoy following is My Montessori Journey – I’m not a Montessori teacher but I have incorporated many of her activities into our classroom and the children love them!  If you haven’t read her preschool blog – I recommend you check it out!

At the beginning of the month, she started a new blog, entitled Our Random Acts Of Reading.  When I first read about this, I have to admit I was greatly intrigued.  Her basic concept is the “idea of anonymously leaving children’s books with corresponding activities in public locations for people to discover”.   In this post, she explains where the idea of this blog came from and what she hopes to accomplish.  I must admit, I really admire her for creating and taking on this task.  In this post, she talks a about how to assemble and organize the book packs and activities.  She even has labels to print out of you want to participate (how cool is that?!).  🙂

I really like this idea!  I’m considering making a few book packs and leaving them for people to find!  I also want to bring this to the attention of my co-workers!  I’m a big advocate of reading to children and expanding their interest in the book into an activity!  I encourage all of you out there to check this out and, if possible, get involved!