Daily Archives: January 1, 2010

blast off!


I’ve decided to start a Space unit on Monday.  I’ve been on vacation lately, but Ms. Bennet has been working and she told me that last week the few kids we had were showing an interest in wanting to learn more about space after a child brought a space book to share with the class.  I am more than willing to accomodate their interests – and so starting Monday we blast off into a space unit!  🙂

Only problem is, I have never done a space unit with preschoolers before.  I’ve already come up with a few ideas – and searched the web for awhile to try to find more – but I am willing to hear what any of you have done with this theme!  Suggestions are welcome!  I want this to be a fun learning experience – I’ll take suggestions for all learning areas (literacy, science, math, movement, art, etc) – I’m excited to do something new in my class – and I’m hoping the children will be excited too!


happy 2010 everyone!


A New Year Blessing

May the road you walk be a smooth one,

May your troubles be few — if any,

May the days and years that lie ahead

Be healthy, happy, and many,

May you have friends in abundance,

May the sun shine bright around you.

May the world be a wonderful place to live,

And may God’s love always surround you.