Daily Archives: November 12, 2009

our barn


barnIn honor of our Farm Theme I have transformed our playhouse into a barn.  I have use a very large cardboard box to make a barn.  I have no idea what this box was used for – all I know is that it came from a body shop.  I believe at one time it might possibly have housed a hood for a car.  It’s been painted red with white on the doors.  Windows have also been cut into the sides.  I use a combination of duck tape and staples on the ends that touch the walls to make it stand up.  It’s in one corner of our room and big enough for 4 children to lie down inside!  It’s really awesome!  The playhouse clothes are overalls and cowboy hats (all acquired at thrift stores or the goodwill) and the baby dolls have been switched out for small scarecrow dolls.  I even have two of those horse head things on a stick (totally can’t think of the names of those things right now!) – the kids love to play in the playhouse and pretend to live and/or work on a farm!  Parents, teachers, and children alike seemed impressed!  And what fun time we have in our big red barn! 🙂

I got this idea from another teacher – and a friend sent me the picture!  Excuse the crappy cell phone pic – this is what the other teachers looked like – I don’t have a picture of mine but I pretty much copied it exactly!