Daily Archives: October 27, 2009

we’re doctors!


Today we made doctor bags.  I took a large piece of construction paper (I let them choose between black and dark blue), folded it in half, put a red cross on the front, and above that wrote “Dr. ________” (here I filled in the child’s name).  For the handles I stapled on two die cut uppercase C’s.  Inside each bag the children got to tape, 1 tongue depressor (jumbo craft stick), 2 gloves (the latex doctor kind), 3 cotton balls, 4 Q-tips, and 2 band aides. As the children tape the items in their bag, we talk about how doctors use the items.  Sometimes I’m surprised by how much some children already know!  They got such a kick out of me calling them “Doctor”.  They would giggle and smile and repeat it a few times!  Then, all morning long, I heard children calling each other “Doctor” – it was sooo cute!   🙂