Daily Archives: June 29, 2009

a mascot?


So, Ms. Bennet and I are considering having a class mascot (for lack of a better term) next year.  We thought it should be some sort of animal (after all, most kids love animals) – don’t know which animal yet – and we could use this mascot in the name of our newsletter, incorporate it into the room decor (such as cubbie names), and even get a stuffed animal of that animal – and of course name it with the class.  We thought this would be a cute idea to implement and distinguish our class.

Of course, we haven’t picked an animal – but we know we want something unique – something not every other classroom already has.  And we’re currently trying to find other ways to incorporate our mascot into the daily class routine and environment.  I’m debating letting a child take it home on the weekend – knowing some of the parents I’m getting next year – I don’t think it would come back!  It’s just something we’re looking into and pondering.  Have any of you done something similar to this?  How did you make it work?  Any suggestions or comments are welcome…I always appreciate the differing point of views and advice.  🙂