Daily Archives: June 28, 2009

knowing their stuff


Wow – 7 days without a post – it’s been awhile!  Sorry I’ve been neglecting my blog lately – I’ve been busy with some family matters as well as suffering from some pretty bad headaches…but now I’m back – I know I was missed!  🙂

I don’t have much to blog about that’s work related – just one tidbit that makes me very happy!  A few of the children I have left have been going to their respective Kindergartens to go through their orientations and preliminary readiness testing.  Knowing this always makes me nervous – it reminds me of all the subjects I didn’t have the chance to cover as well as I’d wished (we all have those I think) – as well as the ones I might not have touched on at all (I’m always afraid that I forgot to teach them something important)!

Anyways, after two of my girls came in from being absent for a couple days (turned out they were at their Kindergartens) I was informed by their very happy mother’s that they were completely ready!  YAY!  I was sooo happy!  One mother even told me that her child’s kindergarten had told her that she tested above average in almost every area!  So, I guess my no worksheets approach really worked this year despite what anyone else had to say!

I’m hoping that when the rest of my children continue onto kindergarten their teachers feel the same way – but in the meantime, I’m rejoicing in this small victory!  🙂