Daily Archives: June 20, 2009

parent communication


I’m curious as to how other teachers out there choose to communicate with parents.  I just bought a book about how an early childhood professional can put together a parent newsletter – I was thinking about doing monthly newsletters next school year.  I know that I don’t communicate and involve parents as much as I should – it’s a big shortcoming for me – it always has been.  A big part of me just wants the parents to leave so that I can do my job in peace – horrible, I know!  But I’m trying to rectify this and I would be glad to have some ideas.

Parents at my school don’t seem to want to get involved – but I still think I have a duty to somehow communicate to them what we do in class.  Maybe they wouldn’t complain so much about paperwork if they had more of an idea what we do each day.  I know of teachers that send home daily reports for each child – but this just seems like a lot of work!  I’ve heard of others that post pictures of what happens each month in their class on a special bulletin board.   Others do parent-teacher conferences and show work examples every few months.  On a side note – my directer informed me when I was hired that we “don’t do” parent-teacher conferences.  She said that was only “needed in Kindergarten and not in preschool”.

So, I was wondering what everyone out there does to communicate with their parents?  I’d be interested to hear what you do – and maybe get some ideas I can use next year!