Daily Archives: June 12, 2009

oh daddy!


We’ve been working on our Father’s Day gifts all week – and so far they’re turning out great!  We are making our dads pencil holders.  We’re making them out of baby food jars (the taller ones).  This week we spent time covering the baby food jars with tissue paper squares.  We used watered down glue for this.  Then once they were covered I sprayed some clear sealant stuff (I don’t remember the name for it now) on each jar.  This alone made the jars look really nice – almost like mosaic stained glass!

The children got to pick the color scheme of their jar.  The tissue paper wad divided into two containers.  Container one contained red, orange, and yellow squares and container two held blue, green, and yellow squares.  I figured by doing this when the tissue paper die bled the colors would be in the same general spectrum and would still look nice instead of turning into a brownish color (which usually happens when too many colors mix together) – fyi:  we don’t get the no bleed tissue paper at work.

The next step in our pencil holders is for me – hot gluing round washers on the outside.  It gives the jars a neat polka dot effect and uses a hardware item most dads can relate to!  It almost gives them a retro feel – but the children liked the idea (I showed them an example and asked if they wanted the washers) so I bought some and next week  I will glue them on each child’s jar!  After that all we have to do is wrap them and take them home!  With a week left – there shouldn’t be a problem!