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dino fossil replica

We finished punching holes and tying yarn onto our snouts and we are ready for the children to wear them tomorrow as they play!  They are excited and we can’t wait to see how they choose to act out being dinosaurs! 

Our science area has also been a big hit during this unit.  I have two fossil replicas, three dino egg replicas, four footprint replicas, as well as a raptor claw and a t-rex tooth replica for the children to examine.  All these items I found on eBay for under $20 (with shipping) – I’ve been buying then for the past few months knowing I eventually wanted to do a dinosaur unit!  I felt that sometimes dinosaurs can come across as a bit abstract to pre-k children so I thought it would help to have something they could actually pick up and manipulate.  Along side those items I have three books about dinosaurs for the children too look through.  The books aren’t for pre-k (probably more reference books for high school or middle school) but they each have TONS of dinosaur era pictures.  The children love to look through them and compare the pictures to the items on the science table!  

Today we did the Dino Pokey by Mrs. Jones!  The children loved it and we spent at least 20 mins singing it over and over again!  Sometimes it still surprises me how something this simple can entertain a group of children for so long!

About deepbluetide

I am a pre-kindergarten teacher at a private christian school. I work mornings with 4 year olds (most of whom enter my class in July still being 3 - they're babies!) and then in the afternoon work "daycare" - which is basically my own class combined with 5 year old children. One things for sure - it's never dull! I had no idea growing up I would be teaching pre-k today! It took me totally off guard - but in the end I wouldn't change a thing! I have worked with children whose age range is 6 weeks through 12 years. In the end I have decided that my current age group is my favorite! And in case you were wondering - all names mentioned are changed to protect the identities of those involved. Enjoy!

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  1. Your dino unit sounds wonderful! I have actual dinosaur fossils that I can show the children (smaller than your average rock, but they’re still fossils), and the children are always fascinated with them.

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