dino time!


I’ve been wanting to do a dinosaur unit with my class but they have been having so much fun learning about insects I haven’t had the heart to move on or the chance to bring up dinosaurs.  Everything changed on Friday.  After our bug hunt and games on the grass we returned to our room to have a class discussion about the different kinds of bugs we’d seen.  During our talk, one child asked how long bugs have been around.  I told them that there have been bugs since the time of the dinosaurs.  They were wowed by this discovery!  They just couldn’t beleive it!  Then they all started talking about dinosaurs and if they ate the bugs and if the bugs were big like the dinosaurs.  There was some real excitement in the room!  That’s when I knew that perhaps on Monday we will start a unit on dinosaurs…I hope this excites them as much as it does me!  🙂


About deepbluetide

I am a pre-kindergarten teacher at a private christian school. I work mornings with 4 year olds (most of whom enter my class in July still being 3 - they're babies!) and then in the afternoon work "daycare" - which is basically my own class combined with 5 year old children. One things for sure - it's never dull! I had no idea growing up I would be teaching pre-k today! It took me totally off guard - but in the end I wouldn't change a thing! I have worked with children whose age range is 6 weeks through 12 years. In the end I have decided that my current age group is my favorite! And in case you were wondering - all names mentioned are changed to protect the identities of those involved. Enjoy!

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  1. Children are like little sponges – so excited to learn new things! Why can’t it stay that way?

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  2. Okay so I know I’m echoing vannatx but I love the way the kids really segued into dinosaurs naturally and that it is coming on the heels of the insect unit. Very Cool! 😀

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