Daily Archives: April 15, 2009

Bucket Contest


Recently I have been listed by Vanessa over at Pre-K Pages as a blog she reads that “fills her bucket”.  I love both her blog and her website!  She offers so many great ideas and resources!  She challenged the people she listed to continue on with the contest and list other blogs that fill our buckets – so I’m here to do just that!  The contest she is referring to can be seen here and I encourage those I list to carry on for a chance to win the goodies!  So, without further ado, here I go:

Elbows, Knees, Dreams: This is the first blog I found, became addicted to, and eventually helped inspire me to create one as well.  I really like her point of view and the fact that she works in an environment that is so different from mine.  She has such a positive outlook and an honest way of telling it how it is…love and recommend it!

preschool daze:  I love this blog as well!  This classroom seems like such a creative, loving space!  She has amazing projects that the children work on to help them develop and learn – and I love all the pictures of everything!  I also like how she categorizes everything by letter – I can always find what I need!  I really do recommend you hop on over if you haven’t already!

Once upon a day in preschool: I choose this blog because it’s from the point of view of someone who runs a small school out of her home.  I like this and have pondered actually doing something similar one day!  She has a great blog and gives a good idea of what her children do each day!  They all seem happy and excited about school!  Love the pictures – again it’s always a plus with me!  She is also very honest and her personality seems to come across in her blog – a good read!

MsCaroline\’s Kindred Kiddos:  I really like this blog.  Ms. Caroline is a brand new preschool teacher (but not new to working with children) who is open to any hints or helps you have!  Her blog is also new but very well written and honest.  She seems really sweet and like she has the best interest of her kiddos at heart – I love that!  I thought I’d send a little blog love her way – so hop on over and read her blog!

PreKinders:  I love this blog!  I also love her website!  Lots of great ideas on both!  I’ve used a lot of her ideas- and they work – that’s always a plus!  🙂  Both are very well written and I highly recommend you pop over there if you need new ideas or something to read – you won’t be disappointed!

If I nominated you – please let us know who fills your bucket – we are all interested!  Have a great evening everyone!