Daily Archives: March 5, 2009

In the jungle…


The children are really enjoying our jungle!  I hear constant growls and monkey sounds coming from the playhouse corner.  Or I hear people on safari looking for animals to take pictures of – they look sooo cute and are all having a blast!  And that’s what really counts – they are experimenting with props and taking on different roles.  It’s just great.

We had a class discussion today about what our favorite wild animal was and why.  I recorded all their answers down next to their name and posted it on the wall for parents to read.  Most of the children said safari or jungles animals – which didn’t surprise me.  One boy said a bear – which was cool.  But my favorite answer was given by my youngest little girl:

Ms. Elliot:  “Sweetie, what is your favorite wild animal?”

Sweetie:  “A unicorn!”

Ms. Elliot:  “A unicorn?  I see…”  (I quickly debated if I should tell her that unicorns don’t actually exist.  But I decided not to because this will probably be the only time in her life she can give that answer.  And she is just sooo cute and happy with herself because she is the only one who gave this answer!)

Ms. Elliot:  “And why is a unicorn your favorite animal?”

Sweetie (in a very serious and oh-so-proud-of-herself voice):  “Because they can ride on rainbows!”

I couldn’t help but smile!  I loved this – and she was sooo proud of herself!  It’s moments like these that remind me just how much I love young children…  🙂