Bad Snake


During our daily bible lessons we’ve been learning about Adam and Eve.  One day we learned how Satan had talked to Eve while he was in the form of a snake.  The next day we learned how Eve blamed Satan and about how we shouldn’t blame others for our actions.  We discussed how God want us to make the right choices and Satan wants us to make the wrong choices.  We wrap us our discussions usually by reviewing what we talked about and asking for any questions.  Here’s how our wrap up went:

Ms. Elliot:  “So who should we listen to?”

Children:  “God!”

Ms. Elliot:  “Why?”

Children:  “So we can be good!”

Ms. Elliot:  “Who should we NOT listen to?”

Children:  “The snake because he’s bad!”

I couldn’t help but smile at this response.  I tried to explain how Satan is not a snake – he just made himself look like one to talk to Eve.  We talked about this for awhile before I realized time was getting away from us and I had to take the children to snack.  On our way to snack I had a short conversation, related to our discussion, with a girl in my class, let’s call her Kitten:

Kitten:  “Ms. Elliot?”

Ms. Elliot:  “Yes, Kitten?”

Kitten:  “My brother always listens to the snake!  I think the bad snake might live somewhere in his room!”

Ms. Elliot:  “Is that so?  Do you remember how we said Satan isn’t really a snake?  Your brother just makes the wrong choices.  There are no snakes in his room.”

She looked at me as if I were insane! I smiled and reminded myself how young they are and with time they will begin to understand these kinds of abstract ideas.

So all last week when a student was caught making the wrong choice, I had at least one child say something like, “You need to listen to God and be good!  Don’t listen to the bad snake anymore!”

You gotta love them!

*Picture found through Yahoo Images*

About deepbluetide

I am a pre-kindergarten teacher at a private christian school. I work mornings with 4 year olds (most of whom enter my class in July still being 3 - they're babies!) and then in the afternoon work "daycare" - which is basically my own class combined with 5 year old children. One things for sure - it's never dull! I had no idea growing up I would be teaching pre-k today! It took me totally off guard - but in the end I wouldn't change a thing! I have worked with children whose age range is 6 weeks through 12 years. In the end I have decided that my current age group is my favorite! And in case you were wondering - all names mentioned are changed to protect the identities of those involved. Enjoy!

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